Sunday, May 30, 2010

New projects and new shows.......

Just finished this "sampler" piece, on an old cupboard door. What a fun project!!

Visited the Junky Friends sale on Friday and found some fab pieces. A great old metal dust pan/scoop, a tall pitcher and another lunchbox..... can't wait to get started on them!! Unfortunately, not much else at the sales around town.....kinda disappointing.....but I think the holiday weekend and the icky weather definitely had an effect.

Great news from the Funky Junk Sisters....they have set a date for their fall show!!! It will be October 15 &16 at the same location on South is sure to be loads of fun!!! I must be nuts committing to a show 2 weeks before Chrissie's wedding, but I can't pass up the opportunity!!! Also have another November show in the works, for the first weekend....the Pickering Barn Christmas Show in Issaquah, put on by Sandy Roundy. She saw my stuff at Funky Junk and invited me to join her show.....a new area for me, so it will be interesting.

So that makes 1 show in October, 4 in November, and maybe another in August/Sept......yikes!!! But I love love love to paint, and have oodles of ideas for new stuff....not to mention lots of unfinished projects lying around........

Am going to paint my new painting room will no longer be the "pink cave"....when Chrissie was at home it was her room and she painted it fuchsia.....I dread to think how many coats of white it is going to take to cover..........

The paint brushes are calling........back in a few days!!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lots of projects!!!!

I am trying to re-paint my new painting room, and had to move the "projects" out to get started!! Quite a pile of stuff waiting to be "primmed up".

Found the cute little green cabinet on the bottom at a local auction even has a bullet hole in the front!!!

The white cabinet is in pretty rough was a garage sale find several months ago. It doesn't look like much now, but will looking darling with a little paint and some chicken wire inset in the door.

The little yellow tote is from the Funky Junk Sisters won't be yellow long!!

The red and white striped piece is an old suitcase I am painting Americana....slow going, I've been working on this for a week. Getting a little frustrated but I will finish it!!

The white shelf unit is from the Junky Friends....bought it to use as a display piece for the shows I do, and it has worked out great!!

Speaking of the Junky Friends, they are having another sale this weekend. I plan on being there bright and early tomorrow to get in on all the great deals!!! Well worth the drive to Yelm.

I am taking my sister to the airport tomorrow, so it was a great excuse to play hooky from work for the day.....I can check out Junky Friends and all the other sales out there!!! Have to stock up!!! Got some new patterns from Terrye French so I am in search of fun stuff to paint....globes, fiddles, lunchboxes, old purses, kitchen scales and other totally random things.......

Off to paint some more on the suitcase....back in a few days!!


Monday, May 17, 2010

Another Funky Junk show done!!

A couple of pics of my booth from the Funky Junk Sisters Vintage Flea Market show this past weekend. What a fab show!! The sisters outdid themselves!!! The Country Chicks from Littlerock/Rochester were my neighbors and they are soooooo sweet. My friend Lisbeth scored a great little iron bedstead from their booth.

Alot of the vendors were shopping amongst themselves Thursday and Friday during set-up. Thanks to Amy from Today's Country Store, I had to restock the booth before the show opened!!!! Thanks Amy!!! Plus I scored some great deals from LouAnn at FolkArt Treasures----can't wait to get painting those cute coffee pots!!!

The Sisters are considering a late fall show this year, so I put my vote in for early November....when I actually have a free weekend!! Did get a couple of invites for other shows that sound wonderful, so my schedule will be expanding. Thanks to everyone that emailed!!

Working on a couple a great Americana-themed pieces.....and I am ready to start paintin' some pumpkins for fall!!! Check back in a couple of days for more!!


Monday, May 3, 2010

Still paintin' away............

Been a few days since I posted. Has been a hectic brother flew in from Iraq (despite the volcano.....), my daughter had a garage sale, and work was crazy, so I had to escape to the Country Chicks sale!!

So, this is a darling little set of coffee-themed coasters. I don't even like coffee, but I love the designs!! This is from a Sue Allemand pattern.

Found lots of goodies at all the sales I hit this weekend. Friday I just had to drive down to the Country Chicks sale in Littlerock, then over to the Country Shed in Rochester. Saturday I found a fab "shabby chic" sale in Yelm and loaded up my car (and had to go back for a second load on Sunday---many thanks to Cameo for all the gorgeous goodies!!). Sunday morning was spent at the warehouse sale at FolkArt Primitives and the Picket Fence (for the 2nd time in 3 weeks....). My craft area is bursting at the seems, and I still have goodies stashed in my car and van.....

Had to talk up the Funky Junk Sisters at every opportunity this weekend!! We should have a great turnout. Just 11 days and counting!!!!

Got to get back to my paintbrushes!!!! More in a day or two.