Friday, July 30, 2010

A lazy day

Just a couple more pics of signs I finished recently.......both are done on recycled wood....slats from old wood wine crates Scott (my son-in-law-to-be) found for me. The painting is done in layers to achieve to "aged" effect......with crackling, scraping/sanding and staining to give it depth.

Found a fabulous old dough table last week at a really excellent price......originally planned to clean up and resell at the FJS Junk Salvation sale, but I think it may have found a permanent home in my kitchen.......the flour bins will be a great place to stash the cat and dog food......

Haven't had much time to paint this week, so I think I may go escape to my "studio"......

Monday, July 26, 2010

I hate to play in the dirt......

This little story should come as no surprise to those that know me well.....especially Mert!!

So, yesterday I was outside in my flower bed (flower bed = dirt) trying to "pretty" things up a bit since we are expecting out-of-town visitors this week.

I had just placed a really cute metal garden trellis in the dirt in front of my front porch and was stepping back to admire my handiwork when I stepped on this stupid plastic croaking frog (picture above = stupid frog).

I lost my balance, slid out of my sandal and scraped the bottom of my foot along the concrete walkway (raw skin = ouch). As I attempted to regain my balance, I managed to kick the porch steps (bruising my toes) then fell sideways onto the porch and scraped my knee (bruises and raw skin together = double ouch).

As my mother stood there asking if I was OK (between giggles) all I could think about was flinging the frog into the next county and how I was going to explain this injury to my coworkers. As it turns out, they have worked with me long enough to know I am a total klutz and are not surprised at any bizarre injury I sustain.......

And the stupid little croaker is still living in my flower bed.......

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Time for a little more Christmas........

Some cute little resin pieces I finished last week....pic doesn't do them justice, they are actually quite bright and colorful.

I'm still trying to get some of my "unfinished projects" done....working on a set of "penny rug" ornaments and pins I started more than 2 years far I have finished 6 of the 18 pieces.

Am also working or preparing several "re-use/renew/recycle" old cast-iron frying pan, a couple of watering cans, an old bean pot, a globe, an old suitcase, and a couple of old metal scales.........I love finding new uses for old things.....a piece of history that is more decorative, more cost-effective and there is less "stuff" going to the landfill.

Met up with more Funky Junk show followers this weekend.....everyone is excited about the upcoming show!!!

Back in a day or two.....those unfinished ornaments are beckoning......

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Have been paintin' like crazy on Christmas stuff the last few days........despite the heat :)

These are a few of the "tag" ornaments I have done......I love Santas and snowmen!!! The first and third group are from Renee Mullins' "Plum Purdy" designs, the middle group is an old Myra Mahy pattern packet. I rarely paint anything exactly as the directions show......if I am using a pattern, I almost always change something to make it my own.

Went out hunting for goodies this morning and picked up some great finds....a couple of great old scales to paint, a nice carpet for my booth, some "shabby chic" stuff to "prim up" a bit, old cupboard doors, and lots and lots of tin things to paint. It was sooooo hot I didn't take Chewie with me, and she looked so sad sitting at the door. Poor baby, she loves to go bye-bye.

Prudence the PeaHen made a brief return visit Friday afternoon, but stayed away from my porch this time....hopefully she has found a new family to visit long-term........

Three months and counting to the next Funky Junk Sisters show!! Actually, they have renamed the show "Junk Salvation presented by the Funky Junk Sisters". Very cool!! Pop over to their site (using the button at the top right) and check out the fab things and other links. I talk up the show every chance I get, and on my "travels" today, I actually met up with some ladies today that are regular attendees....didn't need to tell them about it, they already knew what a fabulous show this is!!!

The Tumwater Antique and Craft Fair on Capital Blvd in Tumwater is open again this weekend. PoleBarn Primitives and the Country Chicks will be there. Last time I spent waaaaay too much money but they had some great things!!!

It is too hot to paint right now......paint dries on the paint brush before I can do anything!!! So I guess it must be nap time!!! Back in a few days with pics of the resin pieces I just finished.


Monday, July 5, 2010

Pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins!!!!

I love pumpkins!!!

This is an old cupboard door painted with very whimsical Terrye French Halloween design. Unfortunately, I am not a good photographer so you really can't see the great details. It was so much fun to paint!!!

Tomorrow I will be posting some of the ornaments I just finished....I am really getting into the holiday spirit!!

Am also working on some new resin pieces from the Artist's Club....snowmen and Santas (of course!!!)

Am soooooo glad the 4th is over.....despite the fact fireworks are illegal in my city, it sounded like a war zone around here......poor dogs were sooo stressed out....all the Benadryl in the world wouldn't be enough to keep them calm. It started at 9am and didn't stop until well after 2am, despite several calls to the police. I am all for people having fun on the 4th, but do it legally!!!! Go somewhere that allows fireworks and fire away, just don't terrorize my dogs and trash my yard with bottle rockets because you want to "celebrate".

I'm off to IKEA with my daughter to find goodies for her wedding....and I may just find some goodies to paint for myself!! Back in a day or two!!