Saturday, September 25, 2010

Three weeks to Funky Junk!!!!!!

Wow, just three weeks left til the Funky Junk Sisters "Junk Salvation" Flea Market!!!!!

I have been painting like crazy the last week, trying to get ready for the show (plus getting the centerpieces ready for my daughter's wedding.....).

The first pic shows three great little primitive pumpkin pins....I love seasonal pins!!!!! Plus the faces on these are great!!

Next pic is a fab old metal scale I found at a sale this summer. Cleaned it up and painted up with an adaptation of a Terrye French pattern....can easily be displayed year-round. Hmmmmm.....this may have to find a home in my kitchen..........

Next pic is of an old vintage skate painted with an adaptation of a Barb Jones "Snow Jobs" pattern. I changed up a few things, and added one of my favorite snowman sayings "My Family Is a Bunch of Flakes". I think it turned out great. Ooops, I just realized I posted this pic before.....oh well, it is still cute!!!

The last pic is our first class project of the year, and as usual my teacher Pam picked a winner!!!! This is from a Jamie Mills Price pattern, and her snowmen are always soooooo cute!!!!!

The colors on the "NOEL" letters are so soft and subtle, and the "Glamour Dust" just adds some extra oomph. Love this so much, I think I will try the same color palette on some other Christmas ornaments I have.

Had to go check out the Northwest Toleliners mini-convention in Seattle (SeaTac) on Friday. As usual, I spent lots of money, but got some really really cool surfaces. I have no idea what I am going to do with some of them.....anyone have any ideas for a framed piece of rusty corrugated tin???? It looked sooooo cool and was such a great price I couldn't resist, but I now I have to come up with something fabulous for it........

Only one day of vacation left, then it's back to regular work :( Was so so so much fun this past week and a half lounging around the house, painting all day long, just me and my fur-babies (Chewie and Little Bit, my dogs).

Back in a day or two!!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mother Nature.........

So, I took vacation to try and get some things finished up for the Junk Salvation/Funky Junk Sisters sale, as well as Chrissie's wedding.......unfortunately, the weather is NOT co-operating!!
I had lots of things I wanted to prime and paint but Mother Nature keeps raining on my parade!!!! Argggghhh!!!!

So, I am restricted to inside, but that gave me the chance to finish painting up this vintage skate. It is a bit of a challenge painting on such an unusual surface, but the results are well worth the headaches. Have another skate left from this pair, but not sure what I want to do with it yet......any suggestions????

Less than a month til the Junk Salvation Vintage Flea Market put on by the Funky Junk Sisters. Over a hundred booths this time!!! WOW!!!! It is going to be an absolutely fabulous show!!!! Plus you add in martinis on Friday nite and we are gonna have a wonderful time!!! Mark your calendars for October 15 & 16!!!

So, I am gonna do a little promotion for this show.....mention that you saw my blog, and receive 15% off any one item, either vintage or hand-painted. (This is just for my booth, NOT any other vendors.) Plus I will be passing out some coupons for future shows. You gotta come check it out!!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's been so long.........

I've been really neglectful about the blog lately----sorry!!! Work has been crazy, and Mom was sick, so I didn't get much of anything done. Did finish these cute little resin pieces from the Artist's Club. I love Santas and Snowmen!!!

Just over a month til the Funky Junk Sisters Junk Salvation!!! I have collected sooooo much stuff I think I am gonna have to rent a UHaul!!! Have a darling old "dough table", lots of chairs, cabinets and other fab old "things". Waaaay too much to fit in the mini-van.

Excited that my friend Lisbeth Stull will have a booth at the show. She is an exquisite painter.

Starting our painting classes again soon (tho' our painting teacher Pam has been letting us come over and "visit" on Wednesdays thru the summer....). She has got some great projects lined up.

Work is calling, back in a few days