Saturday, February 27, 2010

Two class projects

These two plates are a little different than most of the stuff I post. Both are class projects that I finished recently. The rooster plate is so vibrant!! He will probably find a permanent home in my kitchen.......

The second plate is much softer, done in washes and soft shading----a real departure from my usual primitive style----but very delicate and pretty. Love the metallic red paint!!

Went out today searching for more treasures, even with the rain!! As usual, found a few must-haves. Drove down to Yelm to the "Junky Friends" sale and found some darling little spoons to paint, and other goodies. Took my favorite garage sale buddy---my dog Chewie!! She loves to go bye-bye with Mom!! And she loves everybody!! She is so little, everyone thinks she is a puppy (and I must admit she still acts like one.....) but she is full-grown. I'll have to post her pic some day, she is a doll.

Started another new project----repurposing an old wood bread box. Found a great Terrye French pattern with a saltbox house and sheep. Can't wait to get it finished. Haven't been painting as much because I have been hooked on the Olympics. Good thing they end soon so I can get back to painting!!

OK, enough for now. Have to get back to the Olympics....waiting for the US to win the bobsledding gold!! Back in a day or two with more pics!!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gettin' in the paintin' groove......

Have been painting like crazy the past week or so.....despite the beautiful weather, I have been sitting in my painting "cave", creating. Love how these two signs turned out. Both patterns by my fave designer, Kim Klassen.

Took a break yesterday and went garage sale-ing, looking for new treasures. Found a few things to "repurpose" for my booth at the upcoming Funky Junk Sisters Vintage Flea Market in May. A cute little bench and tray from one sale, a neat little cabinet and a couple of old stock pots from Nissan was loaded up as usual. Had to pass on a fabulous set of three old wooden theater seats because they wouldn't fit in the car.....I really need to start taking my van on my travels......

Have a bunch more pics to post in the coming days....check back soon for more new things!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

And more new stuff.............

I have been painting like mad to get ready for the next Funky Junk Sisters show, coming up in May. Finished these two pieces last week. I love what you can do with a little chalkboard paint!!

Went out hunting for treasures today, and found a couple of fabulous sales!!! Picked up several old chairs, tables and accessory pieces. Some are good as is, some need a little "primming-up" to be just right!! It is amazing how much you can fit in the back seat of a Nissan if you are determined enough!!

My next "repurposing" project is with a rusty old shovel----have a great idea to turn it into a wonderful Americana accent. I also have a rusty old wheelbarrow on the side of the house.....hmmm........wonder what I could do with that???

Back in a day or paintbrushes are calling!!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A couple new items

Just finished a few new things. The first is this country scene, from a great older pattern by Kim Klassen. Love her stuff!! I painted this on a recycled piece of wood---an old wine crate.
This old coffee pot turned out great!! A garage sale find that has been "repurposed". I have several old pots and pans stashed away just waiting for the right pattern.......This piece might just find a permanent home in my kitchen!!

Got my application in for the Funky Junk Sisters show in May, so I have to get painting!! Check back soon for more pics.