Sunday, August 22, 2010

Snowmen at last!!!

The de-Smurfing is complete and my little army finally look like snowmen!!! Love how these little guys turned out. Can't really see it in the photo, but they have a little glitter added for a little extra sparkle.

Less than 2 months to Junk Salvation by the Funky Junk Sisters!!! Things are really getting a little frantic now bcuz 2 weeks after the show, my daughter is getting married, and I still have to make the centerpieces, find something to wear, put on a bridal shower, arrange for the food and on and on and on.....yikes!!!

I'm off to paint some more....working on an old kitchen scale now.....back in a few days!!


Saturday, August 14, 2010

de-Smurfing, part one

So, I starting painting these little resin snowmen several days ago.......and if you saw my previous post, you know they started off looking like an army of Smurfs........

After FIVE coats of paint, they are finally starting to look like little snowmen!! Still have a ways to go, but the de-Smurfing is a success!!

I plan to have a nice, relaxing weekend.....things have been very hectic at work and I am ready for a I'm gonna do a little shoe shopping (a girl can never have too many shoes.....) go out to dinner, and just kick back and relax. Back in a few days......

Sunday, August 8, 2010


So, I decided I was in the mood to paint snowmen, so I pulled out these cute little resin snowmen I ordered from Artist's Club last year.......and diligently went to work painting them, per the instructions.....and now after the first coat of paint I army of Smurfs?????

I understand the concept of layering colors to give depth.....but Smurf blue on a snowman???? Why not a nice light french blue??? The instructions now say to stipple on a couple of layers of light mocha and white......not sure that is gonna be enough, but I know I can always keep adding layers.......check back in a couple of days for the status on the de-smurfing......


Saturday, August 7, 2010


Another "unfinished" project done!! Started these "penny rug" ornament and matching pins several months ago, then set them aside to concentrate on something know how that goes!!! They are fairly large, "Sweet Ginger is probably close to 5" long.....still have to add the homespun fabric hangers, but they are soooo cute!!! My photography does not do them justice.....Also finished an adorable cabin-y piece on a cast iron fry pan....will post pics soon.

Was out and about today, even in the rain.....picked up some fab finds, but also hit some real dud sales.....oh, well. I really need to stay home and get painting some more.....2 months til Funky Junk/Junk Salvation (you HAVE to check out their blog......), 2 1/2 months til my daughter's wedding, then 4 craft shows in a row.....I really am crazy.........but I love every minute of it!!!

So, keeping that in mind, I am headed to my "studio"....back in a few days!!