Wednesday, August 22, 2012

HOOT 2012

 Has been a busy summer!!  Just got back from a week in Columbus, OH for the HOOT painting convention.  Had a wonderful time and took some great classes from awesome teachers.  Today's pictures are of the projects I completed....first one is a paddle with an adorable Santa and bumblebees, taught by the wonderfully humorous Sandy LeFlore...
 Next is a "cupcake box" with a Santa and reindeer, taught by Debby Blair....not sure what I am going to do with a cupcake box, but I liked the Santa :)
 This is a paint brush holder with "Peter Peter" taught by the awesome Barb love LOVE her patterns....this was the first of two classes I took from her
 Next up is a paddle with a harvest design, taught by the Northwest's own Maxine Thomas (a fellow Washingtonian)....still need to antique it, but I just loved this piece
 Another Sandy LeFlore design....I am not much for flowers, but this was pretty fun to do...bottom has a chalkboard area.
 My second Barb Jones painted on a glass brick and can be used as a nightlight....can think of lots of other pieces I can use this design on.....
 This is from a class taught by the very prolific Laurie Speltz.  Very funny lady.  Can't say I am a convert to her way of stencilling almost everything, but I can see its usefulness with the background areas.....class taught with Chris Haughey from Cupboard Distributing.
Final pic is of the project taught by Chris Haughey.......bird and holly basecoats were stencilled, free-handed the rest...again, not a convert of the stencil thing, but still a good class and I like how the birdie turned out.

Hope to have my calendar updated soon.....working on lots of stuff, and have several shows planned for October/November.  Should have another Painting With Friends design finished soon (a cute pumpkin design) so watch for that on the PWF site, or check us out on Facebook (